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Intense Attachment Parenting! Learn about natural ways of caring for your baby! Find excellent resources about Breastfeeding, Natural Infant Hygiene (Elimination Communication), the Family Bed, Infant Sign Language, Healing, and much more!  Site is home to the MamaRoo Baby Sling, a sling/wrap which uses both shoulders for optimum support.

Information about pregnancy and childbirth from a doula's perspective.  I highly suggest that every pregnant woman look into having a doula accompany her in her birth experience!
"A site dedicated to the belief that women are the true experts of birth."  Thanks for the inspiration Laura!
Dr. Amy Watson is a board certified chiropractor whose practice is exclusively focused on treating infants, children, and pregnant and postpartum women. In addition to chiropractic care, she also utilizes both Craniosacral Therapy and Neuromuscular ReeducationTM. Dr. Watson is committed to helping her patients achieve optimal health with gentle, safe, and effective care. She believes in the power of chiropractic to address problems at the source, rather than simply covering up the symptoms. Her objective is to restore balance to the body in order to enable all of her patients to function at 100% of their given potential. "The World's Best Maternity Belt"
Lots of medical information concerning chiropractic care, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, immunizations and vaccinations...Without Dr. Bill my back injury would never have healed properly! Thanks Dr. Bill!!!
Everything For A Happy Baby - From diapering to personalized gifts.
All your cloth diapering needs in one friendly, family comes first spot! Natural products for the whole family.
Cloth Diapers Natural products and gifts for both momma and baby ~ including organic clothing & toys, cloth diapering supplies, natural skin care, pregnancy & nursing supplies, natural gift baskets and much more!
Babies in the Sun ~Cloth Diapers~ For your wallet, For the environment, For your baby!
Beautiful Baby Creations  Custom, washable bags and slings - diaper and towel cakes - baby, wedding, graduation...
Our goal is to support families in their endeavor to parent naturally. It is NOT our sole intention to market products to families but to provide helpful and useful information through related articles, links and resources. We intend to continually add quality products and information related to cloth diapering, breastfeeding and babywearing that will be of use to families throughout the world.
Although we may be small, we believe that our impact can be great. It is our hope that we will play a significant role in changing the "disposable mentality" of the world, and that we may have a hand in saving our Mother Earth…one cloth diaper at a time. modern cloth diapers for a natural parenting, located in Hong Kong and Macao.
Information about breastfeeding, contacting a lactation consultant in your area, New Beginnings Magazine.
Store Keeper. The Keeper and Alternative Personal Care Products  Online children's toy store featuring a large range of children's toys, games and gifts for 0-16 years. Over 200 children's toys! The best place to go to help your kids grow!  Located in the UK. Are you looking for baby sign language resources, parent handbooks, children's videos, or play class/workshop programs? Are you a parent, professional, or baby sign language instructor wishing to enhance early communication and extend learning in infants and toddlers? Welcome to the world of Signing SmartTM-programs and products designed by Wide-Eyed Learning, LLC, an organization founded by 2 young mothers and child development experts that is devoted to facilitating development in young children. Play classes and workshops based on their materials are now offered in 14 cities around the country.  
Sign with your Baby by Joseph Garcia.  The SIGN with your BABY™ Program teaches hearing parents how to begin two-way communication with their hearing pre-verbal children through the use of Sign Language.  
Baby Signs by Acredolo and Goodwyn.  Their two decades of research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, have proven that Baby Signs has extraordinary benefits for your baby—including reducing tantrums, boosting your baby's emotional and psychological development, and helping your baby learn to talk sooner!  Potty Training Secrets that work! Helping new mom's say goodbye to diapers forever! Get A Free Potty Training Tips Mini Course. 
Diaper Free, The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, by Ingrid Bauer.  Thanks Ingrid, for taking time to chat with me when you were on your "babymoon!"  You changed my life!!!
Infant potty training explained in detail. Information about ordering the books Infant Potty Training and Trickle Treat by Laurie Boucke.  Laurie, you've been there to answer all my questions. 
Thanks a million!
A comprehensive guide to EC.  Also has information about yeast infections and healing vaginal pain.
The EC Store!  Born in response to the needs of families using elimination communication with their babies, the EC Store contains the widest variety of EC-friendly products available anywhere, including several that we designed ourselves to meet these specific requirements.
DiaperFreeBaby  DiaperFreeBaby is a network of free support groups promoting a natural approach of responding to babies' elimination needs.
Online store for mom and baby, includes diaper accessories, slings, breast pads... Our Mama's WAHM (work-at-home-mama) business. Other people call her Shanan, but we prefer Mama. She likes to sew lots of different things for us, and thought it might be a good idea to sew things for other people, too. She says she can help Daddy by sewing clothes and things for other Mamas who need nice stuff for their families. Mama does all the sewing herself...
Welcome to Wonderbaby Designs - The Home of Poquito Pants Baby Underwear WonderBabyDesigns 
Safe co-sleeping brochure, lots of articles related to studies about co-sleeping.  
Beautiful inspirational information about baby-wearing, lots of pictures and instructions.  This site inspired me before I had invented the MamaRoo!
Lots of attachment parenting information.
Lots of information pertaining to compassionate parenting.
Snugglewool Logo SnuggleWool features a line of high quality Merino wool blankets, bedding, and car seat covers.  There are organic options available.  Mattress pads are great tools for co-sleepers.  Blankets come in all sizes so they are wonderful for snuggling with babies and toddlers. Home The news of the birth of a baby is one of the best pieces of news one can give ! A baby is the pride of his/ her parent(s) who want to tell everyone about their precious bundle. Send these lively, cute, free & attractive ecards to announce the birth of the li'l one !
Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE !!! 

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