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Adjustable Infant EC Open Crotch Pants

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Helping To Make
The EC Adventure
Easier For The Whole Family!

Pants that will conform to your baby's needs 
as you grow in your EC relationship!

Designed to offer a covering for your little one's bottom but allow easy EC access. 

No bulk, just enough coverage for misses.

Open waist so that the pants can be adjusted to fit your baby's belly.  

Long pant leg can be rolled up for smaller babies, or left long for bigger babies.

Made of soft, absorbable, natural hemp/cotton fleece. Hemp is a natural water barrier and is known for its durability. 

Hemp is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because it doesn't hold moisture against the skin.

One size fits most babies!
I received my EC pants and have been meaning to write and say how much we love them!! Thank you!  The fabric is great too!  I am going to order 3 more, because I don't think I am going to use any other pants now.  I LOVE not having to pull my son's pants on and off all day long!  Thank you for making them adjustable too!  Great idea!  I will pass some photos if I get some cute ones!  It has been in the 80-90 degrees here and ds has been fine in the pants...they are definitely cool enough for us.  The fabric really breathes.
SAHM to River Inti, my homebirthed, uncirc'ed, breastfed, non-vacc'ed, slinged, diaper-free baby boy!

Improved design: 
New pants have elastic at the leg cuff
to better hold a rolled pant leg
and a thicker waistband for ease in
adjusting to slimmer babies!

Read more about our Diaper-Free experiences.

I received the package today. Fast delivery, 3 days! Perfect, thank you.  My son (6 months old) has already wet all three. We started EC Saturday. I catch a few and we are both learning. The pants are in a wonderful quality!
Regards, Kristina - Denmark


New Product

Nappy Free dvd
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A spin-off from the Chinese Crotchless (Open-Crotch) Pants that so many EC-ing moms and diaper-free infants are asking for! We've worked with two Asian moms who used the original crotchless pants with their own babies, and we've come up with a great new product!  

They are not bulky diapers! They are pants designed to offer a covering for your little one's bottom but allow easy EC access. 

The overlapping design of these pants will help absorb some of the wetness of EC misses. The pants overlap your tiny infant on the back and belly, and as your infant grows - and you become more in-tuned with the whole EC process - the design allows the pants to adjust to the baby.  At the overlap, the pants are held together with a diaper-pin.  The waist can be completely opened in the case of a miss, however the elastic waist also allows you the choice of leaving the pin intact when pulling the pants off the baby.  

HINT:  Just put the pants on the baby, pin them, and leave the pin in.  You don't need to remove the pin to slide the pants up or down when changing baby.  If you have a wiggly baby, put the pin in before putting the pants on the baby, then just leave it in...  As the baby grows, the pants can be re-pinned at the proper measurement.  

When baby is held with the legs closed, the pants cover baby's leaky parts, when the baby is held in the EC position the pants open appropriately.  

These pants are designed for in-arms babies who are still dependent on mom and dad for their EC needs.  
You will need to hold the pants open for the baby. 

These pants are designed to fit babies with waist measurements of 16 inches to 26 inches and leg inseam up to 9 inches.   Most babies will be able to wear these pants for as long as they are dependent on mom and dad for their EC needs.  Babies should grow out of these pants at about the age that they are able to pull their own elastic waist pants up and down on their own.

Each pair of MamaRoo EC Pants comes with it's own diaper pin.  *Remember, once you have the pin in place you do not need to re-pin every time you remove the pants, just slide them off like any other elastic waist pant.

A Word About the Fabric!

MamaRoo EC Pants are made of an 
All Natural 55%Hemp/45%Cotton Blend fleece.  

This fabric is completely 
Sustainable & Biodegradable 
and it is NATURALLY grown! 

Rest assured that no harsh chemicals
will touch your little one's tender skin.
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