Inevitably when products are sold, there comes the time when purchasers are not completely satisfied with their purchase.  MamaRoo tries very hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing as much information as possible about the products.  We do hope that you take the time to review all of the information on the site so that your decision to purchase the MamaRoo Baby Sling (or other products from this site) is, after all, the right decision for you.  MamaRoo, Inc is a very small, home-run business.  In all honesty, returns are very difficult as all income from sales is still going directly to start-up expenses.   MamaRoo, Inc. is a labor of love and we try hard to make that impression throughout the site!

You are responsible for all shipping.  You will be reimbursed the price of the product only.

  • MamaRoo Baby Slings:

We have very few returns on the  MamaRoo Baby Sling, (only about 4 in 400 slings - that means 99% satisfaction!).  MamaRoo often receives notes from customers who are very satisfied!  It seems that many women are benefiting from a memorable baby wearing experience!  Before making a return, please contact MamaRoo about any difficulties you may be having.  You will receive expert advice and as much personal attention and support as needed to help you with your baby sling.    Friendly, personal notes are appreciated, there's a real mom, (that's me, MamaRoo) answering your emails!   I go out of my way to provide extra photos, explanations, even personalized made-on-the-spot videos if needed... to help every mom get the most out of babywearing.  Most of the time, all it takes is a note or a phone call and you're on your way to many happy babywearing adventures!  In my opinion, if you have taken the time to educate yourself on this sling, and have bought the sling, then you would prefer to make it work for you and not end up sending it back disappointed.  There's help available, ASK!  There's nothing more frustrating for me than not being given the chance to help.

Please consider your return carefully, I feel very uncomfortable about re-selling a tried baby sling, so I end up loosing the full price of your return and I donate the returned slings to charity. If, after giving it your best shot, you find that it is simply not the right sling for you in the 30 days following purchase, the price of your new and resalable sling, minus a 20% cleaning and re-packing charge (to help offset the cost of new packaging and instructions for the receiver of the donation) will be returned to you.  As MamaRoo, Inc. is a very small, home-run business, you will be responsible for your shipping and handling charges, including return shipping.   Thank you in advance for understanding these terms.  You must contact MamaRoo for the proper return address.  (This information is not available on the site for safety reasons.)  If you do make a return, MamaRoo will ask that you give a specific reason for returning your sling, as this information will help to update or re-word the site in a way that helps other mothers make the best decision when choosing a MamaRoo Baby Sling.

Here are the former reasons for returns:

1. The MamaRoo Baby Sling was given as a gift in a baby shower and the mother had no intention of using it. 

Ask the recipient of the gift, before purchasing, if the MamaRoo Baby Sling is right for her.

2.  The mother did not realize the length, width and type of fabric of the sling.  

Review all of the information on the site before making your purchase.

3.  The mother had difficulty finding a comfortable position for the baby.  

1.  Practice, practice and practice!  Wearing a baby sling is like dancing!  Both you and the baby need to move together to find the suitable wearing position for you.   
2.  Ask MamaRoo for help!  Many times, just getting a reassuring note or explanation from an experienced MamaRoo user can make all the difference in the world!
3.  MamaRoo has several detailed photos and even videos that may help.

4.  No reason given!  (Imagine my frustration with not being given the opportunity to help!)

1.  Don't send it back without getting in touch with MamaRoo first!  There's a solution to the difficulty you're having and MamaRoo wants to help!  Communication is the key!

Regardless of the sling that you use, MamaRoo sincerely hopes that you have a truly spectacular baby wearing experience as you benefit from this wonderful way of bonding with your baby.

Other products:

  • For hygienic reasons, the MamaRoo EC Pants and the Face Kushes may be returned only in completely new and unused condition.

  • Also for hygienic reasons, the LilyPadz nursing pads can only be returned in completely unopened and resalable condition.  

  • The Diva Cup menstrual cup can be returned within one year of purchase.  MamaRoo is allowed to send it back to the manufacturer.

  • The Adiri™ Breastbottle® Nurser is only returnable in completely unopened and resalable condition.  

  • Any MamaRoo product that is purchased from a distributor must be returned to the distributor as MamaRoo does not have access to monetary transactions that occur outside of the MamaRoo site.


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