Wearing Instructions

Initial Threading Instructions 1.
The MamaRoo Baby Sling is a long piece of fabric with a threading pocket half-way down the length.  My right hand is passed through the threading-pocket in this photo.

2. Take the inner branch of the sling and pull it through the threading-pocket.

3. Then put your opposite hand through the threading-pocket and pull the outer branch through entering from the opposite side.

4. Now you have both branches pulled through the pocket.  The sling is now pre-tied and ready to put on.  Grasp the threading-pocket in your right hand.

First time wearing your sling?  
Your sling is already threaded, so start here!

Bring both loops together and let the branches hang down together under the threading-pocket.  Bring your left arm through the two loops.

Slip the loops over your head and rest the threading-pocket on your right shoulder.  Here is a good view of how the two loops are sitting directly on top of each other.

Slide your right arm inside the loops and pick up your baby with both hands.

Bring both loops up around the baby's body, support the baby with your left arm and tighten the two branches. (It helps to have the sling tighter before inserting baby instead of trying to tighten the entire sling after baby is already inside.)

Another view of tightening the sling, this time with a toddler.

Tie a knot and bring the long branches up inside the bag.  For a simple back-carry, simply bring your left arm over the baby's head and scoot him up onto your back, pulling the knot down towards your belly.

Excellent position for nursing mom and baby.  Sling can be worn on either shoulder.

The sling should look like this across the back.

Other Wearing Positions

Cross-Carry Position
Hip-Carry Position
Rucksack Back-Carry Position
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