Wearing Instructions

Follow Initial Threading 1-4 
Step 5.
Hold the sling in both hands.

Slip it over your head without moving your hands.

Pull the right hand down so that the branches hang down in front of you.  The threading pocket is at your neck.

Cross your hands over the branches, grasp and pull them around behind you.  Tie the branches.

Here is the pouch where baby will sit.

Have someone help sit the baby into the pouch.  Make sure that the baby is sitting safely and cannot slide out the bottom or flip out the top.  Hold the top of the branches.

Pull the top of the branches down over your shoulders, this tightens the sling across the baby's back and holds him closer to your body.

Untie the branches, bring them up over the baby's legs and re-tie in a double knot.

Ready for a piggy-back ride!

Variations: At the start, sit on a sofa and stand your baby behind you when you bring the sling over your head and the child's body, then sit your child in the sling before tying at step 8.

Or, allow the branches to fall down your back and bring the pouch in front of you.  Sit the baby in front instead of on your back!

Other Wearing Positions

Cross-Carry Position
Hip-Carry Position
Rucksack Back-Carry Position
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